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Our goal is to have in-depth knowledge of companies, their economics, industry dynamics, ownership structure and management, as well as an understanding of the competitive environment in which firms conduct their business. We invest throughout the region across the capital structure in both Equity and Credit securities.

We are a boutique financial asset manager with a world focus. Our investment philosophy is built on a long-term approach to fundamental analysis, implemented by one of the regions largest and most dedicated investment teams. Our goal is to become the best informed outside investor in each company we invest.

Asset management is our only line of business. We are constantly seeking out opportunities wherever they may be found. We believe that innovation, prudence and a constant eye on the future can help us identify profitable investment options over the long term.


Up to $250
0.8% Daily

30 calendar days
Total ROI 124%

$250 - $1000
1.2% Daily

30 calendar days
Total ROI 136%

$1000 - $5000
2% Daily

30 calendar days
Total ROI 160%

$5000 - $25000
3% Daily

30 calendar days
Total ROI 190%

$25000 - $100000
5% Daily

30 calendar days
Total ROI 250%

More than $100000
8% Daily

30 calendar days
Total ROI 340%


Family Savings Bank is a program with an amazingly simple and understandable terms:

  • You get a fixed income, depending on the amount of your deposit.
  • You can at any time replenish the deposit and thus increase your daily profits.
  • You can withdraw your profits if your account has accumulated more $1 ($5 for cryptocurrency).
  • Your request will be processed within 12 hours.
  • Term of investment of your deposit is 30 calendar days.
  • We accept payments by Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, Ripple, Stellar.
  • We do not charge a fees.
  • The rate of cryptocurrency will be fixed at the time of sending.


We are ready to make you an incredible offer: 5% from the deposit! It's amazing, is not it?

You may just recommend to all your friends to participate in this fund, you need only send a link. In addition, we have prepared for your convenience special promotional: various banners. You can place them on popular sites and thus a lot of strangers will bring profit to you. Perhaps this is the easiest way to earn money.

Please use only legal dissemination methods of information. We find it unacceptable spam and other similars. We do not block the accounts in the event of abuse of the affiliate program, but strongly urge you refrain from such actions. We hope that our partnership will be beneficial for you.


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